1970 Fashion Inspired Looks (1)

1970’s Inspired Clothes To Wear This Year

What’s so special about 1970 style? It’s versatile and eclectic. This decade combined with various style directions, including ethnic, sports, hippies, classics, military, safari, disco and punk styles. The diversity of this decade makes it special, thanks to sexual liberation, giving up to war and the struggle for women’s rights. You were allowed to wear anything you want in the streets and special occasions. Many brands offered basic wardrobe essentials, so everyone had to combine their outfits to look more individual.

Hippies subculture gave a big inspiration to 1970’s fashion. That’s why we see folklore inspired elements and details. Many designers offered their clientГЁle ripped jeans, tunic shirts, ethnic dresses and layered casual essentials. Those of you who want to achieve this look might be interested in boho style clothes. Personally, I like this trend for its bright colors and fabulous details. Glam rock is also an important style that can be used in your 1970’s inspired outfit. You can try on ruffled shirts, loose-fit silken trousers, black turtlenecks, leather coats, platform boots and glamour snakeskin printed suit jackets. Those of you who are in love with parties will definitely like disco diva looks. This is a perfect way to underline your uniqueness no matter where you are. Go for bright and dazzling shirts, Lycra bodysuits, vintage lace blouses, shiny flared jeans, cocktail dresses and retro floral print frocks. If you do like Sex Pistols, then you might be interested in 1970 punk style clothes: ripped jackets and jeans, tweed suits, tartan blazers, and trousers.

All in all, if you do want to look 1970’s inspired, then you might like to try on flared or ripped jeans, ladylike tunics, pantsuits, turtlenecks, shirt-dresses, knitted cardigans combined with your everyday basics. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

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