2018 Culottes Best Outfit Ideas (2)

Culottes For Day And Night Looks

If there is one garment that makes you stand out from the crowd, then it’s culottes. These bottoms are must-haves for the next year. I hear lots of ladies saying it’s impossible to wear clothes, as they don’t fit and look weird. That’s why I decided to write this post and show you my favorite street style images of how women wear culottes in their everyday life. This garment will get you through any unpredictable periods, starting from spring to fall months. This uber-stylish piece comes in so many designs, colors, and prints that you simply can get lost. Be sure to check out all these images, so you can know how to make them look right and flatter your body perfectly.

2018 Culottes Best Outfit Ideas (2)

The first pair that popped in my mind was this leather creation. Leather culottes might look quite risky to wear, but in real life it’s very easy to make them look just right. Don’t go for tight styles, better make things loose-fitted. Try on comfortable and well-fitted styles that can look ideal styled with a ladylike white blouse and gold jewelry. If you want to make your outfit more sophisticated, then the best way is to add a long black tailored jacket and classy black leather bag. Remember to team them with something retro-inspired and classic. Our next stop is denim culottes. Denim is an ideal choice. Why? They flatter day and night looks. Go for tailored denim pair and keep the waist fitted and the bottoms flared. Try them on with oversized shirt, statement necklace and bright shoes. If you want to follow the trends, then you might like to try on pastel color culottes in pale blue, blush, pastel green, etc. You can style them with your favorite white cream crop top, glitzy heels and chunky bracelets. Keep it bold with plaid print culottes. This is an absolute winner! Love them! No matter what is the color of plaids, but believe me, they look incredibly hot. Try these culottes paired with your favorite turtleneck sweater in dark color: navy, black, emerald, etc. Simple white bottoms are ideal for teaming with black tops. Just add black heels and drop earrings. Let me know your thoughts in the comments? Do you have them in your closet and how you manage to style them in your everyday life?

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