Floral Pants 2018 (10)

Floral Pants For Women

If you thought floral pants is already a history, then you are wrong my dear reader! Today I bring to your attention this fabulous floral pants inspirational compilation. Floral is already a classic print trend that ideally works in spring and summer months, but you can wear dark florals in fall seasons as well. The new year comes with awesome updates, starting from photo-realistic patterns to abstract and watercolor florals. Florals are the synonym to femininity, that’s why you can wear them with mannish clothes, like brogues or Oxfords shoes, oversized jackets, and baggy sweaters. But you can also make it look sophisticated. Anyway, I think it’s time to see great pairings and combinations.

Floral Pants 2018 (10)

If you want to make a gorgeous summer casual look, then the best way is to try floral bottoms with a classy hat, cute graphic tee, and sexy heels. If the weather gets chilly, then I recommend you to add a denim jacket and cool sneakers. Be sure to add glamour accessories, like statement necklaces and sweet looking shoes. You can keep things edgy by pairing florals with a black leather jacket. I love to see ladies wearing floral bottoms with ladylike white tees and open chambray shirts. If you want to shine like a star, then I advise you to add a bright blazer. If it’s a hot outside, then you better wear your floral bottoms (can be palazzo pants) with a sexy white crop top. Anyway, there are many other ways to make your florals look insanely hot, just keep on scrolling to find out more.

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