2018 Ripped Jeans For Women

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I think every lady has at least one pair of jeans in her closet. This is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn everywhere, starting from casual to formal events. In today’s post, we are about to speak about ripped jeans and how to wear them this 2018. Fashion world offers so many interesting jeans styles to wear in your everyday life. My favorite ones are distressed jeans that are the most common garment to wear in the streets. Modern ripped jeans have never looked so polished and refined. You can find cool knee-showing ripped designs, as well as slightly slashed all over distressed jeans. Anyway, I am here to show you various outfit ideas on how to wear ripped jeans in real life. Read on to see my favorite combinations.

The first look that popped in my mind is the grunge style inspired outfit. I think this look is ideal for wearing ripped jeans. For instance, you can try on slightly ripped slim jeans and style them with ripped rock band tee worn atop sporty pullover. You can wear denim bottom by tucking them inside combat boots. That’s the simplest way to rock ripped jeans and look like a real rockstar. If you are more into glamour style, then you can try on knee-ripped slim jeans and style them with basic neutral color T-shirt, caged pointed-toe heels and mirrored sunglasses. The result looks both polished chic and casual. If you want to look like an urban dandy lady, then you should draw attention to accessories. Use burgundy fedora, matching pumps, plaid print shirt and draped knitwear. If you want to look sophisticated on the beach, then you can simply go for ankle-length fully ripped slim jeans and style them with spaghetti strap slip top and cool fuchsia pumps. My favorite look is the one that consists of boyfriend jeans. Use ripped boyfriends with cool short plain top. If it’s quite cold outside, then you can add a classic trench coat, so you look more sophisticated and modern. I like this pairing for the contrast. If you want to wear distressed denim bottoms to night outs in the clubs, then I recommend to try them on with black-and-white striped tops and cool bold color blazers. If you want to create a super cute outfit, then why don’t you use a semi-sheer white blouse and style it with cuffed and slim ripped jeans. Complete the look by adding statement necklace that will underline your uniqueness. Another contrasting outfit is the one that consists of knee ripped jeans worn with white slim-fit blazer and metallic heels. It’s no secret that boyfriend jeans give its wearer a masculine look. If you want to make them look less mannish, then the best way is to add chic and ladylike heeled sandals and sweet color top. Glam up this look by adding statement print blazer. Read on to see other great outfits completed with stylish distressed jeans.

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