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Sailor Pants For Women Street Style

You all familiar with sailor pants, right? This garment has been around the fashion for a quite long time. In today’s post, I am about to share with you my favorite ways how to wear sailor pants this year and stay voguish. These trousers were popular back in 1960’s and 1970’s when sailor outfits became trendy. The style of these pants is wide-legged, where lots of designs are complemented with three nautical buttons on each side. Most of the modern sailor trousers are flared ones. Keep on reading to find out more about best styling tips and trick how to wear these bottoms in real life.

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You can choose dark blue styles in a slim-fit silhouette and pair them with your favorite striped shirt and crispy white loafers. Or you can match your blue trench coat with the same color flares completed with shortened striped top and yellow satchel bag. If you are more into a naval look, then I recommend to try on military-inspired outfit completed with a shortened white jacket, high-neck white top and high-rise dark blue wide trousers embellished with golden buttons. You can pull off a modern preppy look by teaming dark blue sailor pants tucked into white silk blouse embellished with long and thin black necktie.

Sailor Pants For Women 2018 (6)

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We all want something casual for our everyday walks, right? You can try on comfy and relaxed fit gingham sweater and team it with our beloved dark blue trousers. Complete the look by adding fancy shoulder purse. Are you in love with vintage clothes? If yes, then I highly recommend to try on classy, retro printed blouse and tuck it inside black wide-leg sailor trousers. You can emphasize your curves by wearing skin tight dark blue sailor pants with tucked in crisp white shirt. The lined golden buttons actually give more emphasis to your waist and hip line. How about keeping things 70’s inspired? Go for relaxed brown color sailor pants and team them with your beautiful white long-sleeve blouse and ribbed knit dark blue sweater. Keep an eye on high-waisted dark blue denim pants with side golden buttons and team these jeans with a dressy sleeveless lightweight pussy-bow blouse. If you want to make a real statement on the streets, then slip on sailor short pants in light pink color. Complete the look by adding a floral blouse and sexy clutch.

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