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2018 Summer Tea Dresses (19)

It’s no secret, tea-dresses is the best style to wear in the summer seasons. Today I am happy to share with you my favorite ways of wearing this frock. Why do so many women are in love with this kind of dress? This is a refreshing and very flattering style made for those who want to wear something lightweight and easy to style. The look of such dress is romantic and fresh. Believe me, there is a style for anyone. No matter if you are in love with florals, geometrics, stripes, below-the-knee or above-the-knee, you gonna find the one and only tea-dress for your day and evening walks. Do I have your attention now? If yes, then I am more than happy to show you my favorite designs to try now.

The first style I wanted to mention is the floral tea-length shirtdress. Most of them come in retro 1960’s silhouettes. I highly recommend to wear it for brunches and Weekends day walks at the parks. You can try something more casual, like a floral frock with bateau neckline. This summery sleeveless dress comes with A-line pleated skirt and fitted top. We see a lady who appears in a pink version fully printed in bright florals. She completed her look thanks to a green handbag, high platform blush sandals, and vintage sunglasses. If you are more into boho looks, then you might like to try on white frock completed in red-orange-blue floral print. You can complete this frock by adding pointed toe green pumps and matching color shoulder bag. I do love to see sporty designs completed in bold prints. You gonna see geometric print sleeveless over-the-knee tea-dress completed with turquoise sneakers. If microprint is your thing, then you might like to try on casual tea-dress with short sleeves and pair it with buckled ankle-boots. In love with funky looks? Go for bold color tea-length frock completed with faux fur texture. How about some minimalist touches in your look? Go for monochromatic shift tea-length ensemble and complete it with a long cream sheer lace vest for a stunning walk around the city. Be sure to try gingham print shirtdresses. They do look casual and extremely functional. I would recommend to try on button-down design in classic silhouette completed with a skinny belt. If you are one of those gals who want to experiment, then you might like to try on structured and feminine tea-dress made of denim. As you can see the look is comfortable and lightweight. Another great surprise is the tea-length micro polka dot frock completed with slouchy boots. Personally, it reminds me of a chic country girl’s weekends look. Those ladies who want to try on something bright and voguish, then I recommend to wear canary yellow tea-length frock styled with an edgy black leather jacket, brimmed black hat and chunky black glossy leather sandals. If you are more into classics, then I recommend to buy lightweight retro style tea frock and cover it with a long cardigan. Are you in search of something elegant and innocent? Go for this pale white lightweight frock completed with pastel color florals. Be sure to try lace piece that doesn’t require any accessories or jewelry. All in all, keep on scrolling down your mouse to find all my favorites. Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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A blush tea dress in a floral print is so cute and sweet. Love the way it’s styled with lace-up heels and light pink shoulder bag with a chain strap. I do recommend to read my post about women blush colored clothingfor making a real statement on the streets.

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2018 Summer Tea Dresses (10)

Wow! That’s a terrific look for long street walks around town. We see a pretty sleeveless flared dress in fabulous print teamed with turquoise running shoes. Oh, by the way, I highly recommend to check out my article about stunning ways how to wear running shoes in Springtime, you are about to see simple ideas that are easy to copy in real life.

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