Chokers For Women Are Back This 2018

Are you in love with choker? If your answer is yes, then you are a lucky one, as this accessory is on trend this 2018. This piece is making a comeback from the 1990’s. I see lots of celebrities appear on the streets wearing this accessory on their necks. If you want to find best ways how to wear this chic accessory in real life, then I highly recommend to check out fabulous street style ideas and tricks. Keep on reading to find out more.

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The first way how to make it look awesome is to achieve that special 1990’s grunge look. This is one of the easiest ways to pull off choker. There numerous of ways how to make it look cool on you. You can either try on a simple tank top, chambray skirt and complete the outfit with a cute choker and heart-shaped sunglasses, or go for a checkered shirt, LBD, chunky glossy black ankle-boots and black choker. Personally, I do like grunge-inspired outfits: black crop top, checkered skirt, net tights, chunky boots, choker and cool fedora hat. If you want to try on something original and sophisticated, then the best way is to try on editorial magazine’s inspired looks. For instance, there is a chance to take your turtleneck sweater and layer it with a metal choker. Go for silver or gold-hued version. Never try leather or rubber chokers, otherwise, you gonna look cheap. I do love to see ladies wearing grey high-neck sweaters complimented with golden neckpieces. Are you in love with modern glam looks? If yes, then you can show off a modern style by wearing gorgeous gold or silver metal chokers with bright color outfits. You can try on gold metal style with a bright blue lightweight dress, or keep things smart-casual by teaming chunky gold choker with black top, tartan trousers and camel tailored blazer. Believe me, this stunning metal piece gonna look awesome with your everyday looks. If you do like layered jewelry, then you might like to try on choker completed with long necklaces. This is an ideal way how to add a right dose of sophistication. I’ve already mentioned grunge and punk styles and now it’s time to speak about goth girls. If you want to achieve that special dark side looks, then you might like to try on lace, leather or rubber chokers. You can go completely black and add dark goth make-up.

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