Cobalt Blue Clothes For 2018

Blue is my favorite color. That’s why I created this post. Today, we are going to see brilliant ways how to style cobalt blue this 2018 year. When I see a blue color I automatically imagine sky or the sea. This color is both safe for work, special occasions and simple street walks. If you are the same fan as me, then you are more than welcomed to view various styling tips on how to wear blue with other colors. Do I have your attention now? If so, then please, keep on scrolling down your mouse.

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The first two basic colors that can be easily styled with blue are black and white. These two classics compliment almost every color hue. If you pair either white, black or a combination of black, white and blue, the look is super sleek and modern. For instance, try on black tailored trousers, sheer black chiffon blouse, and black heels and add cobalt blue blazer, clutch or handbag. As you can see, this combination gives you super sleek look. Or you can go for a little black dress and fresh it up by adding cobalt blue necklace and matching color heels. Or you can try on blacktop tucked in a white tailored pencil skirt and complete the look by adding black heels and cobalt blue blazer. These three colors combination work beautifully together making your outfit really stand out.

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Next stop is color blocking that allows you to mix multiple colors in one look. You can combine cobalt blue with other vibrant hues, such as fuchsia, violet, tangerine, coral, canary yellow and event pastel hues. You can try on pastel chiffon cami paired with cobalt blue jeans and complete the look by adding nude pumps. Don’t forget about mixing blue with prints and patterns. For instance, you can pair high-waisted midi skirt in blue with a crop top in stripes, or you can try a pastel floral blouse tucked into blue skinny jeans completed with gold accessories and classic pumps. Personally, I love pairing blue with metallics. This is a perfect combination after all. It ensures you look super chic and glamour. You can try on cobalt blue leather jacket and pair it with black skinnies and metallic shine top. Or you can complete the look by adding the shiny silvery clutch. All in all, there are numerous of bright ideas to try, so you better scroll down your mouse to see fantastic looks to try this 2018.

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