Dresses With Sneakers 2018 (1)

Dresses with Sneakers Best Street Style

I’ve got something special for you tonight. We have a chance to see amazing street style looks featuring dresses and sneakers combinations that are so must have for this year. I don’t know what most girls say, but sneakers go with everything. Rubber-soled runners are not just for athletic ladies, they look chic and glamor with everything, starting from cropped-tops and mini shorts to dresses and suits. We know various sneakers styles, including high tops, low tops, slip-on and trainers. You are about to see how every sneakers style ideally suits with your favorite frock.

Dresses With Sneakers 2018 (1)

Personally, I like sneakers for their practicality. You can go for miles wearing this functional sporty footwear. Thanks to modern celebrities and fashion stars, you can forget about wearing the highest pair of heels this weekend and try something functional, fun and cool, like trendy sneakers instead. I know, it might sound strange to pair bright sneakers with a party dress, but you should know that all cool girls are doing it right now. I love to see sports jersey dresses paired with a pair of chunky athletic shoes. Every single outfit looks outstanding. You might say it’s nonsense, but we all need a break from high-heels and try on something casually chic and laid back. If you think this trend is not going to live more than one year, then you better take a look on runways, street style images, and celebs Instagrams, I am sure, you gonna find tons of pretty dresses featuring sneakers. It’s official now: sneakers make a statement. It’s an updated feminine look. I think you never thought of this trend before. I see lots of women wearing feminine frocks, sexy sheaths and bodycon dresses paired with athletic footwear. Check out some of the best ideas and let me know your thoughts.

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