Fringes Trend For Women Summer 2018 (3)

Fringes Summer Trend For Women

Make some fun this summer season by wearing fringes. We all knew that fringes have always considered being summer must-have detail. Lots of designers incorporated this detailing into their latest collections. Fringe is something that can be added to almost every piece. This is a super fun way to make your hot season wear look ladylike and chic. If you are in search of fun fringed pieces to add to your summer outfit, then you better check out some of my favorite ways to wear fringes next summer.

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The first fringed piece I wanted to mention is a cross body bag. This item is made for those ladies who do love fun activities. This bag is something you should always have in your summer wardrobe. I see lots of fringed cross body bags lately. You can wear them with absolutely anything you want. You can buy them anywhere you want, starting from big fashion stores to vintage shops. Speaking of possible ways of styling it in real life, then I recommend to try brown colored suede version and pair it with V-neck spaghetti strap white dress and ankle boots. Next garment that features sexy fringes is the skirt. This is something you can wear if you want to look sexy and ladylike. Choose the one that is not too much revealing and not too skin-baring. This kind of bottom is extremely popular during summer season music festivals. I do like one street style image where lady appears in vertical striped shirt tucked in high-rise white long skirt embellished with fringes. The outfit is completed with shiny metallic hue heeled sandals. If you wish to wear something original, then I recommend to try on sexy crop top embellished with fringes. The fringes will cover up your tummy so you don’t feel half naked. This top gonna look awesome with completely any kind of bottoms, starting from sexy mini shorts to leggings, skirts and jeans. I do love one street style look that comes with a pretty brimmed black hat, fringed black crop top with spaghetti straps, daisy print mini shorts and caged gladiator sandals. The best thing about summer season is that dressing up is super easy. You can simply slip into a dress and you ready to go. If you do want to try something original, then you might like to add a hint of hippie or boho chic style by choosing a fringed frock. I do love crochet dresses completed with fringes at the bottom. The last but not least is the kimono style cardigans. This lightweight cover-up piece is a summer must-have choice. Believe me, this garment is definitely one of the most stylish ways to go. You can pair it with tank tops, crop tops, dresses or even with your bikinis. Fringed kimonos are everywhere this year.

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Fringes Trend For Women Summer 2018 (3)

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