Gold Shoes For Women 2018 (6)

Summer Gold Shoes For Women

Gold Shoes For Women 2018 (6)

These shoes are made for showing off your individuality! Today we are going to talk about the best ways of wearing gold shoes during Summer. Yes, you heard me right, we are about to see best ways to wear golden shoes in real life. I think everyone has this mindset on wearing gold footwear to formal events. Today everything has changed. We witness gradual emergence of gold shoes in both formal and casual clothing. You are about to see marvelous designs styled with beautiful everyday separates.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with wearing golden shoes with casual attire. You can either style them with shorts, simple tees, basic shirts, denim button-downs or comfy dresses. The trick is to dress down your outfit and add flashy golden shoes. Personally, I do like wearing gold shoes with black and white garments. This combo gives room for something flashy and sweet looking, like golden footwear. If you do want to add more colors, then the best way is to choose muted colors and shades. Don’t you ever try bright clothes with golden shoes, otherwise you risk to look like a clown? If you do want to create an impressive look, then you better go for a carefree and loose-fit tailored attire. This slouchy impression will underline your beautiful shiny footwear. But everything is individual, the same gold shoes look great with floral print dresses or LBDs. Golden shoes will definitely look awesome with maxi dresses and overalls. Messy and lazy appearance creates a definite impression of casualness that is both fresh and individual.

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