How Women Should Wear Timberland Boots

Hey there my dear fashion readers! In today’s post, we are about to see best ways how to wear Timberland boots this year. I always asked myself, why do women choose mannish footwear, instead of looking ladylike? It’s a kind of paradox after all. I remember ladies appearing on the streets wearing Oxfords, brogues, Birkenstocks and this year its all about Timberlands. I think you all familiar with these yellow boots. This is a must-have footwear for those who are in love with outdoors. The women’s fashion world gets crazy about these shoes. Of course, the best season to wear Timberlands is the early Fall, Autumn and Winter seasons. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you better have a look at some of the best ways how to wear them in real life.

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The easiest way to wear them on the streets is to achieve that special comfy casual look. All you need is a pair of jeans, cool cropped tank top or classic fit version. If it’s quite chilly outside, then the best way is to add a cozy jacket or a heavy coat. Go for a khaki green parka and team it with boyfriends and sandy yellow Timberlands. If we speak about the cold summer season, then you might like to style them with your favorite denim cut-offs and crisp white shirt. Or keep things classy by teaming white blouse with a black skirt and our favorite boots. If you want to look somewhat more ladylike, then I recommend pairing boots with leggings. The result is a girlish outfit with a balanced silhouette. You can either try on khaki olive parka with an elongated crispy white shirt, black leather skinny leggings and Timberlands or keep things punk-chic by wearing tailored dark coat atop black lingerie top tucked in brightly printed leggings styled with yellow boots. If you are in love with punk vibes, then you might like to try on colored Timberlands. I mean, you can buy pink or fuchsia colored styles. They are great for adding a bit of spunk to your everyday outfits. If you think this footwear looks too much boyish and chunky, then I suggest purchasing heeled Timberlands. Anyway, I would love to hear your own thoughts about these trendy shoes. Just write me in the comments below.

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These two outfit ideas look awesome! Love theĀ  pink Timberland boots worn with black jeans, black sweater, cozy coat, printed scarf and black knitted beanie, as well as classic camel style worn with black leggings, gray pullover, wool gray scarf and big bomber jacket. Speaking of outerwear, I have a nice post about must-have chic bomber jackets, check it, as I have plenty of inspiring ways how to wear this stylish outerwear piece.

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