Lace Shorts 2018 Street Style Looks (3)

Lace Shorts Summer Must Haves

If there a must-have trend for next summer, then it’s lace shorts. This fabric is very on trend nowadays. Personally, I am thrilled to see lace shorts back in fashion this year. I just bought myself a new pair and I am excited to wear them. Before creating any new look, I’ve checked different ways how they can be styled on the streets and special occasions. I’ve made some observations and today I am happy to share with you some of the best tips to style lace shorts and make them look awesome on you.

Lace Shorts 2018 Street Style Looks (3)

Lace shorts have to take center stage in your look, so you better keep everything else understated. These bottoms have to grab everyone’s attention, because of that you better go for a plain classic color top and pair it with your lovely, sexy bottoms. Of course, you can go for a ‘lace suit’ by wearing the same lace pattern shorts and tops, otherwise, keep your top simple. Stylists advise us to choose a solid color top with no or very little detailing if we want to wear those lace bottoms in our everyday life. Personally, I love to see ladies wearing bright tops paired with black or white lace shorts. I am pretty sure that sooner or later I will by myself fuchsia or bright blue top and wear it with my pretty white lace shorts. Usually, shorts come in black or white colors, but there are other great color options to choose from. Indeed, you can choose beige, aqua, pink, coral, neon and pastel shades. Keep in mind one thing: choose those colors that are most flattering to you. Keep attention to your shoes. Sandals, wedges, flats ideally suit lace bottoms. Personally, I love wearing my white shorts with heels and glossy pumps. It’s very important to stick to simple accessories. Better avoid those chunky necklaces, bold earrings. Better choose delicate necklaces and elegant cuff bracelets. These shorts can be dressed up or dressed down, all depends on the occasion. They will work well on Saturday’s morning errands as well as date nights. There are so many awesome ways to wear them with cool urban essentials, as well as with sexy basics. Yes, you can go from baseball tees and gladiators combo to chiffon tops and strappy wedges. Overall, lace is extremely feminine fabric, that’s why you better stick to ladylike outfits. Hope these tips will help you create your own style, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Lace Shorts 2018 Street Style Looks (2)

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