Must-Have 2018 Summer Accessories For Women

We all love summer time! In today’s post, I want to draw your attention to must-have 2018 summer accessories that will make you look voguish and extremely ladylike. This is a perfect season for wearing bright and vivid colors. I gathered all my favorite items, so you better take a close-up look and choose your favorites. This part of a year is all about eye-catching accessories. Check out all my favorites and let me know your thoughts.

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The first item I wanted to mention is the scarf. This accessory is meant for keeping us warm. The summertime is another story. You should buy a lightweight scarf made of silk, lace or mesh knits. Choose the ones in solid colors or fully printed designs that can add a pop of color to any basic outfit. This is an ideal piece for wearing at the beach, or walking down the streets of big city. You can try it on as a bandana or a belt. There are so many ways how you can sport this gorgeous garment. Try the wrap style fully printed in florals and style it with turquoise light sweater and rich blue shorts. You can keep things rock style inspired by wearing scarf as a bandana paired with tiger snout T-shirt and denim cut-offs. The oversized floppy hat is another great accessory to try on your head. This item will instantly add that chic factor to any summer outfit. It’s an ideal protection from the sun. Try a wide-brimmed design with a loose-fit dress creating that special boho-chic look. In other words, floppy hat is an ideal accessory that adds chic factor to any summer outfit. Our next stop is beautiful sunglasses. This is an ideal finishing touch that gives your look an ‘oomph’ touch. Anyway, this is not only stylish accessory, but also extremely functional. This year is full of gorgeous mirrored sunnies in different shapes and details. If you still don’t know what shoes to wear: casual flip-flops or fancy heels, then I’ve got a perfect compromise for you. Try on wedge sandals. You get the height boost and comfort. You can wear them with your favorite casual separates (lightweight blouse and mini pencil skirt) or keep things more dressy by teaming fit-and-flare pastel turquoise sleeveless dress with fuchsia stoned necklace and wide-brim floppy striped hat. No summer is complete without spacious tote bag. Choose an oversized design that is ideal for beach trips. This is the one and only bag to hold all your day essentials and beauty products. If you are not heading to the beach, then the best choice would be a wristlet. It’s compact and ideal for carrying your phone, money, keys and credit cards. I recommend to stick to solid color wristlets. They are practical and versatile.

This black-white striped sun floppy hat looks amazing with a sleeveless mini turquoise dress with a pleated skirt. Love the heart-shaped sunglasses, magenta necklace and white perforated wedge sandals. Speaking of headwear, I do recommend to read my post about Summer hats for women, you will find inspiring ideas how to wear summer hats with dresses and separates.

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Go for classics this year, as you can see, white cropped top with spaghetti straps looks pretty chic with a high-waisted black mini tennis skirt and printed slip-on shoes. Check out my post about black and white clothes for summer, you can see other cool combos that can make you look very special.

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