Peasant Tops For Summer 2018 (8)

Peasant Tops For Summer

If you do like simplicity, relaxed looks and casual chic vibe, then you should try on a peasant top. Most people associate this garment with Boho style, but everything depends on what garments you wear with this top. Indeed, you can create different looks with this sweet looking piece. In today’s post, we are going to see awesome looks created with a peasant top. I do love wearing mine on hot summer days at the beach or casual street walks. This is a must-have garment for those ladies who do not want to wear anything skin-tight or they do not want their tops to stick to their skin. I’ve got an awesome compilation of street style images to share with you, so you better have a close-up look at some of the coolest ways how to wear this sweet looking piece in your everyday life.

Peasant Tops For Summer 2018 (8)

If you do want to look like a boho-girl, then I recommend buying an embroidered bohemian inspired peasant top that looks both casual and laidback. Personally, I do have a couple of embroidered tops in my closet that I usually wear with sexy denim cut-offs or ankle-length slim-fit jeans completed with chunky sandals. The embroideries can be either intricate details that look hippie-chic inspired completed with floral print color thread or graphics simple embellishments. I also have a plain casual white top in my wardrobe that has no embroideries nor details. This style is ideal for creating a simple casual look by teaming it with classic midi skirts, jeans or shorts. In other words, this is perfect for creating off-duty looks. I do love wearing my lightweight peasant blouse with low-rise ripped skinnies and neon color pumps. There are cool retro styles that are printed on vintage patterns. I love to see ladies wearing these tops paired with modern basics. The printed peasant top comes with that simple casual vibe that allows you to wear it with casual jeans, shorts, and skirts. Thos of you who want to wear something flirty, fun and ladylike, then I suggest you try on sexy off-shoulder peasant top with your everyday style bottoms. Try on off-shoulder top styled with a high-waisted tight mini pencil skirt or cool denim cut-offs. Peasant top can be used as a beach or poolside cover-up. Go for sheer fabrics to make it look sexy, relaxed and laidback.

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