Pencil Skirts 2018 Street Looks (7)

Pencil Skirts Simple Fashion Ideas

We all want to wear something versatile that ideally suits the office and cocktail hours. Today I am happy to share with you street style looks featuring pencil skirt. You are about to see awesome ways to wear this bottom in your everyday life. This flattering piece of clothing will for sure suit feminine blouses and masculine shirts, have it tucked in, or paired with a matching blazer. Believe me, if you wear it correctly, then it will always look stylish.

Pencil Skirts 2018 Street Looks (7)

Before creating any look, you should know several things about pencil skirt fit and length. The first thing is the length. The skirt is usually most flattering when hem ends around the knees (slightly below or above). It should be fitted around the waist and hips, not too tight (if you find it difficult to sit then it’s tight). The best look is when your shirt is tucked in your skirt. I love to see ladies in high waist skirts, it creates a slimmer waist and makes the outfit look more sophisticated and creates an illusion of longer legs. Of course, getting ready every morning can sometimes be damn hard. When you still want to sleep and it feels like you have nothing to wear. When you have such feeling, you especially need to dress and look your best!
You might be wondering what to wear with a pencil skirt, right? There are a variety of ways a pencil skirt can be styled. Today, we are going to see best ideas how to wear it to work and cocktail parties. The classic dark-hued (grey, black) pencil skirt looks gorgeous worn with a striped button down, fitted blazer, leopard heels and grey tote bag. This outfit is a stylish and professional option for the office and cocktail hours. You can try dark gray or black styles paired with beautiful white sweaters, white sleeveless shirts or black tops covered with black cardigans or jackets with stand-out shoulders or any other impressive details. The classy pencil skirt is perfect for heading straight from the office to dinner. All in all, use your pencil as an anchor for a voguish look.

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