Platform Shoes 2018 Best Designs To Try Now

Why do we love platform shoes? This footwear is ideal for those gals who want to add some extra height without any struggle and pain. Today we are about to see 2018 must-try shoe designs and best ways how to wear them in real life. Modern fashion world comes with so many platform styles to choose from. That’s why I decided to create this cute compilation of street style images, where ladies appear in sexy outfits complimented with platform shoes. Why do I love this particular style? This footwear is versatile enough and can be worn with completely anything you want. In other words, you can create boho, classy, boho, casual, grunge or whatever style you like. Anyway, here are some bright ideas on how to make these shoes work for you.

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The first look that comes to my mind is the simple and casual look. Start with simple separates, like a relaxed fit sweater, skinny white ankle-length jeans and black lace-up slip-on shoes with high white platforms. This footwear adds an extra height, as well makes you look edgy. If you want to mix casual outfit with ladylike details, then the best way is to try on a white T-shirt and team it with dark blue skinnies and high-platform pumps. Those of you who dream of a cute and feminine look gonna fall in love with platform shoes. You can pair high-platform white trainers with ruffled blush dress and lace white long-sleeve shortened top. Another great way to keep you look ladylike is to try on a retro-inspired frock and team it with high-platform silvery sandals. This is an awesome way how to balance retro with modern style.

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If it’s quite cold outside, then I recommend to try on an embroidered dark blue coat cinched at the waist with a skinny black leather belt and pair it with fuchsia pleated ankle-length trousers and complete the look by adding retro-inspired platform ankle boots. This is an ideal way how to balance androgynous vibe with ladylike touches. If you are one of those gals who want to achieve a modern chic look, then you might like to wear black and white colors. For instance, you can try on a light white cotton dress, cover it with an edgy black leather jacket and complete the look by adding high platform flat pumps. Or you can pair the shearling black leather jacket with khaki olive knitwear, dark blue skinnies, and golden platform shoes. Let your shoes take the shine, making your separates look individual. In love with the bohemian trend? If so, then you might like to try on anything you want, starting from leather, suede to crochet. As you can see, there is an awesome way how to make your blush-white fringed shift-dress look great by styling it with brown platform sandals. The last but not least, you can make platform footwear work for grunge or punk style outfits. Believe me, platform shoes gonna give an air of rocker girl. Try on black semi-mesh dress and style it with gingham print shirt and high-platform black matte ankle boots. All in all, I think we better keep on scrolling to find out more.

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