Summer 2018 Polka Dots For Women (7)

Polka Dots Print For Summer

Hey there, fashion readers! Please welcome a Granny looking print called polka dots. I am joking. In today’s post, we are going to see best ways how to wear polka dots this summer. The key to pulling on polka dots in your outfit is avoiding things looking overdone. I mean do not overboard your outfit with polka dots, sometimes it’s better to keep things to a minimum. I want to share with you my personal favorites and combos how to make polka dots work for street walks this 2018.

Summer 2018 Polka Dots For Women (7)

The black and white combo looks insanely hot. Go for a classic polka dot look by wearing white top or bottoms completed with black polka dots. You have to make sure that the other half is either black or white colored. This way will anchor down polka dots. Personally, I do like wearing small polka dots that make me look slimmer. My favorite combo is white loose-fit blouse in black polka dots tucked in a knife-pleated black leather skirt. If you are just beginner to polka dots, then I suggest you start with printed accessories. Believe me, you still gonna make a statement in the crowd, but you should keep the rest of your outfit neutral colored. You can wear polka dots with other prints, like chevron, stripes, and even florals. Simple polka dots work ideal for most prints. Personally, I love wearing my favorite chevron relaxed-fit blouse tucked in dark blue pencil skirt completed with white polka dots. Some ladies love colored polka dots, all you need is light color background and dark color for polka dots, this will create a beautiful contrast. How about making polka dot nails? This art is quite easy to be created. Pick the base color and then draw dots on. Don’t be afraid of colorful dots. This look will make your nails look cute and sexy.

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Summer 2018 Polka Dots For Women (5)

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