Straw Bags For Summer 2018 (5)

Summer Embroidered Straw Bags

Are you looking for a perfect hot day straw bag? If so, then I am here to share with you an awesome collection of summer-appropriate straw bags. Why do we love these carryalls? They are roomy, versatile, lightweight and beautiful. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy a new one if you already own a stylish straw tote bag in your closet. But I do recommend to make some changes to your bag and give it a fun makeover. Hope these DIY fun ideas will make your bag look awesome! Keep on reading to find out more.

Straw Bags For Summer 2018 (5)

How about giving your bag an ombre look? This is a drastic makeover what will require paints and paintbrush only. I am so in love with gradated colors next to each other, creating strips on the tote. You can always make your tote look preppy. Go for pastel hues and argyle pattern. You better cut a nice diamond template first before making any painting on the bag. I like those diamond patterns embroidery thread. You can paint a flamingo on its front side. This will require fabric paint, foam brush, iron and freezer paper. The bird’s template can be provided by the crafter. You can even add some tropical details to refresh your bag. This is a great style for those ladies who spend much time on the beach. If you are one of those gals who like to draw attention on their personality, then I recommend to add some glittery on the tote. All you need is sequin trim, bias tape, fabric glue and a pair of scissors. Be sure, his makeover will update your bag once and for all. You can wear it to beachfront restaurant dinners or open-air cocktail parties. The next thing you can try to achieve is to replace the handles. The original design might have the standard leather straps. They can be replaced with stretchy strips of lightweight fabric updated with bow-like fabric sections. Use pastel fabrics to complement the color of your bag. How about adding wavy sequins on your bag? This makeover can be accomplished using only a thin strip of sequin trim. Thin strip of sequin trim was sewn to the straw bag with fun wave pattern. If you do want to make your straw bag look fresh and fun, but don’t want to use much effort, then you can add hanging pom-poms. You need simply hang or tie them to the handles. If pom-poms is not enough, then be sure to paint the bag with fun and bright stripes. You will need scissors, masking tape, glue and pom-pom trim. Use stamps to update your pretty beach straw bag. I am so in love with that creative polka dot print. Hope these ideas will help you to update your lovely summer bag.

Straw Bags For Summer 2018 (4)

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