Winter Hats For Women

Winter is already here. I was hoping for big minus, but it’s still chilly outside. Today we are going to talk about best alternatives to beanies for wearing this winter. I think everyone will agree with me that beanie is already a boring hat that needs to be replaced with something fresh and creative. I think this year is a perfect time of year when we can try something new and fresh that will keep our heads warm. There are so many choices to try, so you better keep on reading to find out more.

Winter Hats For Women 2018 (9)

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Athleisure Trend For Women

Athleisure Trend For Women 2018 (2)

I think everyone is familiar with athleisure trend, right? Today’s post is gonna be dedicated to athleisure trend and how to wear it this year. If you do like fashion and comfort, then this trend is made especially for you. Before we move on I want to describe this trends name. The Athleisure is created from words: athletic and leisure. It’s something in between streetwear and sportswear. This trend was already popular in the forms of yoga pants, sneakers, hoodies and jogger pants. All these garments were used accompanying everyday clothes. This year’s athleisure is all about comfort and sophistication. Keep on reading to find out new ways how to wear it now.

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