1970 Are Back: How To Wear Seventies Style In 2018

The romantic era of the ‘70s fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colors, eclectic looks and a tendency to mix and match different styles with each other. It’s the period of the simultaneous existence of several styles in the fashion industry and the decade when the subcultures of hippies, punks and bohemian chic style followers emerged. The thing about seventies fashion is all about women rights, revolution, peace love, and new horizons, that’s why designers use this decade in their upcoming collections, everything seems so provocative, daring and individual. In this blog post we are going to see creative ways to wear 1970 clothes in a modern way, so why don’t you sit back, and see what’s hot right now!

1970 Fashion For Modern Women How To Wear It Now (2)

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Crop Top Trend For Summer 2018

Crop Tops Trend Summer 2018 (5)

Keep your outfit breathable and light this Summer 2018. I decided to create a post about best ways how to rock crop tops this warm season. It feels like this sexy top is survived cold winter and stayed on trend this year. This trend has got bigger, as I see lots ladies appearing on the streets wearing cropped tank tops, tees, and T-shirts. I gathered my favorite tips and looks to wear this Spring 2016.

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2018 Printed Pants To Try This Summer

Spring is the best time to try on new styles, and experiment with colors and prints. Why? It’s the time when everything blooms! On today’s post, I want to share with you some of the best 2018 spring designs of bold patterned pants that will make you look AWESOME! Are you thrilled to find out more? If so, then you are more than welcome to scroll down and check out my favorites.

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Plaid Shirts To Wear This 2018

The plaid shirt is something essential that reminds me of cozy scarves, ripped denim jeans, and ankle booties. Today, I am happy to share with you my favorite ways to wear plaid shirts this 2018 year. This is an ideal top to make stunning layers so that you look seriously cool. There is one little secret about flannel shirts: whether you wear it preppy and buttoned up, or tied around your waist, or layering it over a white tank, this plaid garment always looks and feels good. It’s like a plain white tee that always suits your outfits.

Plaid Shirts For Women 2018 (6)

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