Festival Season Must Haves For Women

I don’t know how about you, but I associate summer with festival season. No matter if it’s Coachella or any other music festival, I keep on imagining fringed kimonos, floppy hats, lace dresses, crochet tops and denim cut-offs. In today’s post, I want to share with you tips and tricks on how to make this music festival season work for you. If you want to join the game of floral headbands, cut-off shorts, neon shirts, fringes and lace embroideries, then I am more than happy to show you my favorite ways how to dress and be influenced with nostalgia for the 1970’s romantic decade. Keep on reading to see the best ways how to upgrade your festival wardrobe.

2018 Summer Festival Season Clothes For Women (17)

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Best Mixing Print Combos For Summer

If you do love prints the same as me, then you gonna love this post. Today I want to talk about best mix print combos to try this Summer. Personally, I do love mixing prints when the spring season is already smelled in the air. The double print is the biggest trend known in the world of fashion. If you know how to mix and match prints, then you gonna look awesome anywhere you go. Of course, if you know how to do it right, then there will be no problem in creating a stunning outfit. We are here to see tips and tricks on how to wear this trend-right way. Keep on reading to check out my favorite ideas.

2018 Summer Mixing Prints Women (12)

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What Women’s Pants Are In Trend This Summer

Our next stop is women’s pants. In today’s article, we are about to see best trousers that are gonna make you look awesome this summer. This garment might be the hardest pieces of clothing to buy. Finding a perfect fit, design, and style is a difficult thing. Personally, I am a petite girl with not so long legs as I wanted, that’s why it’s hard for me to find an appropriate pair of trousers, as I can simply drown in them. One thing is very crucial, be patient and follow these tips to buy the one and only styles to look and feel fabulous.

2018 Trendy Pants For Women (1)

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Animal Print Clothes For Women

2018 Animal Print Clothes And Accessories For Women (1)

Animal print is a wild thing! Today I am happy to share with you my favorite hot ways to style animal print this year. You are about to see wild print clothes and accessories, as well as awesome ways how to incorporate them into your everyday looks. What I do love about this pattern is its chic and sexy appearance that is hot on its own. In other words saying, you don’t have to do much to make them look awesome. Anyway, we are here today to check worthy tips and ideas how to make this print look sexy on you. Keep on reading to find out more.

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Women’s Leopard Print Clothes & Accessories

It’s official, leopard print has come back to fashion. This season it is updated with bright hues, including blue, yellow and green colors. I am going to show you some of the best ideas and tips on how to wear and combine this wild print with your everyday and special occasion clothes. This is an ideal print for those ladies who want to make their evenings more brighter and unforgettable. Of course, most women are afraid to be too much glaring, but you can style it with classic garments creating a more versatile look.

Leopard Print Clothes And Accessories 2018 (1)

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