Capes, Ponchos For 2018 (1)

What Ponchos, Capes, and Blankets Are On Trend

Blankets and ponchos are not only comfortable styles to wear this year, yet they are absolutely voguish toppers. This year we see beautiful updates with asymmetrical hemlines, serape shapes, and soft rich textures. This beautiful cover can be worn in any weather. I see lots of ponchos with graphics and bright ornaments, while most every design comes with beautiful embellishments, like fringes, zips, and buttons. Speaking of capes, then I recommend you to try on simple styles in basic colors. Better avoid any kind of experimentation. The shawls/ blankets are already an essential garment in every lady’s winter wardrobe. It’s a perfect warmer during cold season months, plus it is an ideal camouflage for plus size women. This year many designers offer us wrap designs in wool and cotton fabrics.

Capes, Ponchos For 2018 (1)

Personally, I like ponchos with sleeves and fur/leather details. Keep the balance and slim silhouette. It’s important to keep your silhouette fitted, so you better go for pencil skirts, slim trousers, and skinny jeans. I would recommend you to wear ponchos with slim trousers, instead of a skirt. Keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum. Speaking of shoes, then you better keep them classy. It’s better to avoid brightly colored footwear. I’ve started to notice many women and ladies wearing belts on ponchos. The belt will underline your waistline and give you slender look. Ponchos are ideal for wearing in the city center, as well as for evening occasions. Believe me, it’s a smart investment, due to their timeless look.

Always keep the poncho in center of everyone’s attention. Don’t even try to distract the look from ponchos to anything else. Speaking of colors, then I recommend making a perfect balance that will fit your poncho. Of course, you can experiment, but better stick to classics. Be simple and do not overdo with accessories.

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