Women’s Tweed Jackets Worth To Invest In

If you think tweed jackets are meant for nerds, then you are totally wrong my dear reader. This fabric appears on marvelous creations that are ladylike and extremely voguish. Personally, when I heard words tweed jacket, I automatically imagine Chanel legendary creation. This year is full of beautiful apparel, but if you are one of those ladies who want to try something elegant, charming and timelessly voguish, then I am here to share with you some of the best tweed jackets that are worth to invest in.

Tweed is a sheep wool with a special treatment. Why is it so popular these days? It’s one of the fabrics that are soft, durable and retains warmth perfectly. It’s no wonder why qualitative tweed jackets are not cheap. I love to see street style stars wearing tweed jackets paired with same fabric shorts. Well, you can combine it with almost everything you want, starting from skinny jeans to dresses and ankle boots. Tweed ideally looks paired with casual style apparel, allowing you to create numerous of great combos appropriate for everyday use. Before buying yourself a brand new tweed jacket, keep in mind one thing: it visually exaggerates your figure and increases your height. If you are a petite lady, then I recommend buying a shortened jacket. Keep attention to the color. Better stick to neutral colored designs, like black, grey, white, grey or brown.

Speaking of possible styling tips, then you might start from the simplest ones, like choosing a jacket plus sweater/ turtleneck and skinny jeans, or you can keep it classy and ladylike and office friendly by wearing tweed with a white shirt and black trousers. Keep it feminine and try on this blazer with a sweet dress or a skirt. Those of you who are in love with preppy and retro style clothes, I recommend to buy tweed suit and cover it with a classic cardigan or coat.