Winter 2018 Hats For Women

Winter is already here. I was hoping for big minus, but it’s still chilly outside. Today we are going to talk about best alternatives to beanies for wearing this winter 2018. I think everyone will agree with me that beanie is already a boring hat that needs to be replaced with something fresh and creative. I think this year is a perfect time of year when we can try something new and fresh that will keep our heads warm. There are so many choices to try, so you better keep on reading to find out more.

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The first style to try is the wide brim hat. This kind of design has gained its popularity thanks to boho fashion. Believe me, there are cool ways to incorporate wide brims with winter outfits. Be sure, to wear them with laid-back separates. Next model is a fedora. We all know that it’s gentleman’s headwear, but you can make it look tomboy inspired. I do love these hats for their laid-back look and androgyny feel. No matter if you style them with feminine ensembles or smart-casual boyfriends looks, they do look awesome. If you do like sports styles, then you might like to try ski or knit hats. Ski styles are ideal for those women who are in love with athleisure. I recommend trying the ones with sweet looking pompoms. Are you in love with elegance? If so, then you might like to try on trapper hat. This fur headwear piece looks hunters inspired. I know, they may not be easy to pull off as everyday hats, but I highly recommend to go for a neutral colored trapper hat and style it with fitted outerwear garments. If you are in search of something cool and fun, then I recommend trying cossack hat. This is the same trapper hat without ears. This style was commonly worn by Russian Cossacks in 17th to 18th centuries as part of their uniforms. What do you think of these headpieces? Would you wear them in real life? Tell me in the comments below.

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