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Women’s Ethnic Fashion and Accessories

Ethnic look is the most uncertain and versatile style I ever met. It’s bold, bright, relaxed, natural and free and romantic. In general, this style is a reflection of different countries cultural traditions. There are lots of cultures around the world and every country has its own traditional clothes. All ethnic clothes are made of natural fabrics, that’s why it’s so popular to wear it during summer time. Of course, if you gonna be dressed fully as an African girl or young Indian, then it’s gonna be quite a weird look, especially in the city center. The best way is to learn cultural aspects of the foreign country and create an outfit that is going to feature typical colors, fabrics, and accessories.

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This style was popularized in the mid of 1960’s. Hippies started to involve boho details, bright prints, and colors in their outfits. Hippies were opened to any culture, religion, and nationality. Their open-minded views promoted various countries national clothes. By the way, ethnic from Latin word means people. Ethnic touches can be seen in Japanese kimonos, Moroccan tunics, Indian sari, etc. This outfit comes with a bold look, featuring boho touches, gypsy details, hippies essentials and brutal grunge fashion. The clothes are functional and extremely comfortable. Personally, when I hear someone say ethnic look, I automatically imagine dresses, no matter what size and length, but they have to be lightweight and loose-fit. I am so in love with embroidered designs featuring lace, embellishments, and ornaments. Don’t forget about accessories, like wooden necklaces, pretty earrings with feathers, statement silvery rings, head scarves, bright bracelets, etc.

Ethnic Clothes For Women 2018 (2)

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