Women’s Oversized Clothes Trend

Thank God, gone those days when oversized outfits were considered to be out of place. Today I am happy to share with you my favorite oversized looks to wear this year. Personally, I love the big look. Why? It looks and feels comfy. One friend told me one funny thing: “You know what, now you can eat an extra slice of pie and be hidden under the oversized sweater without looking curvy!” Great idea after all! I guess, after several times I will have to sweat at the gym to get ready for springtime, LOL! Anyway, I want you to have a look through these adorable street style looks featuring our lovely oversized fashion garments.

2018 Oversized Fashion (5)

This year, fashion offers beautiful garments in one size fits all! Oversized apparel is the best thing that was ever invented. Why? Everything seems to be extremely versatile, functional and easy to style. I don’t know how about you, but I am totally in love with that special measure where one size fits all. Today’s fashion world offers us lots of beautiful must-haves from coats to jumpers to cardigans to trousers. I can’t stop dreaming of those cocoon coats, exaggerated sweaters, big down jackets, puffy sleeves, huge collars and big skirts. Can’ say why, but there is a kind of 1990’s Kate Moss meets 1970’s, Farrah Fawcett. The mix of these style icons makes us wear something with sexy slouchy shoulders, high-waisted wide trousers, big blouses, exaggerated cardigans complemented with big coats. If you do love oversized fashion the same as me, then you can go either grunge or more classic elegant inspired.

2018 Oversized Fashion (1)

2018 Oversized Fashion (4)

One of my favorite styles is the black suede OTK boots with black leather shorts, classic white shirt and long gray blazer. Check out my post on how to wear boots with shorts and create a very special and sophisticated appearance. I am telling you, there are lots of insanely hot combos you can recreate.

2018 Oversized Fashion (7)

2018 Oversized Fashion (3)

2018 Oversized Fashion (2)

2018 Oversized Fashion (6)

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